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California Water Damage Restoration and Flooding Cleanup services

California Water Restoration Near Me

Emergency Water Extraction and Drying Services in California The Water Damage Pros of California provide local cleanup and restoration services for all water damage emergencies. On-call 24/7 to restore your home or business from a property flood disaster. The California Water Damage Pros are Northern and Southern California’s top-rated local contractors for all flood disasters. IICRC certified contractors are on standby throughout California and can assist sewer backups, broken pipes, toilet overflows, flash flooding and more.

Sewer Backups, Storm Damage, Broken Pipe Water Damage Disasters

The water damage pros help you restore your commercial or residential property from flooding sewage or storm damage. With dozens of local offices throughout the state we respond quickly to property losses  in Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose, Anaheim, San Diego, Burbank and throughout California. 

The Top Water Extraction and Sewage Removal Service Contractor Near Me

It takes much less time for water to mess up your home or office completely. The harmful effect caused by water damage will be significantly reduced if you involve the team of experts from service professional company. If you call them in the event of an emergency, they will immediately and lessen the effect of the damage. They will save as much property and dry up the expanse before mildew and mold set in. Service professional company also offers protection against germs and odors by following cleanup standards from the IICRC. You can bank on us to not only remove the water but also to deodorize and clean your home or office safely and competently.

Cleanup of basement flooding, flooding-broken sump pumps, and sewer backups.

Service professionals conduct both residential and commercial services on properties damaged by water. we will conduct cleanups for basement, sump pumps, and install sewer backups to control flooding. This will help making the surrounding environment more safe for you and the neighbors. The team has remediated sewage back up matters for a period of time; hence they have the necessary expertise to fix any issue in their way. You can count on them to discover the causes and later solve your problem.

Professional drying of the property

Drying up the area after the removal of water is essential. The service professional company has incorporated different techniques, which are

  • Open drying technique-they increase the building ventilation by opening the doors and windows. Which allows fresh and warm air to get into the building and warm up the area.
  • Closed drying technique-they use dehumidification equipment, which they installed in the room when the window and doors are closed to dry up the moisture in the room.
  • Heat drying technique- they increase the temperature of the room by use of heating equipment, which absorbs the moisture.

Our services include

Water Damage Restoration

If you are a victim of massive floods and storms  you need to seek professional help. Give us a call as soon as possible, and our response team will respond to your emergency call right away.

Fire Damage Restoration

In case your commercial or residential property is on fire, reach out to us at any given time. We dispatch our team immediately after the call to ensure that we salvage most of the undamaged property.

Contents Restoration

We help you mitigate the loss by availing our high tech tools and equipment well known in the industry. We aim to try and restore the condition to normalcy.


Reconstruction & Roofing

Where damages are inevitable, we help restore parts of your property to a more desirable condition. Our highly trained team will erect and install new structures which include the roof.


Direct Billing to Your California Insurance Coverage.

We are an approved vendor that regards the insurance cover of the clients. Service Pro Restoration of California ensures that our services are offered free and fair manner. This implies that we have a good pricing procedure devoid of extra or hidden charges. Our pricing criteria is frequently updated and we work with hundreds of companies throughout California for the pricing that is fair and upfront.

Popular Markets

Water Restoration Services Near Your in these areas: Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach, Oakland, Bakersfield, Anaheim